A Girl’s best friend


“Keep your heels, head and standards high”….. Coco Chanel

Good morning everyone and hope you all are having a great week so far!!!!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my favourite pair of stilettos. These shoes are the most versatile  pair in my collection. They look great at anytime whether it is in the day or at night.  These heels can be worn with dresses or even with jeans. After seeing the height of these  heels they may seem a bit intimidating, but they are so comfortable that I wear them all the time.

What do you all think about these stilettos?


Brown Stilettos- Marks and Spencer


All dolled up

“Why dresses? because am bored with trousers”…..Phoebe Philo

Hello Everyone,

Hope y’all had an awesome weekend!!!!!

I wore this pretty peach forever 21 flowy dress on the weekend and added a brown belt to it. I teamed it up with brown stilettos to match the belt. I wore orange lip colour and peachy blush.



How did you all like this look?



Dress- Forever 21

Shoes: Marks and Spencer

Black Mirror

“Things are not quite so simple always as black and white”….. Dorris Lessing

Hello Everyone,

Excited for the weekend?????

image1 (1)

I paired this black maxi skirt and the white crop top on a night out. I love this look. It’s extremely feminine and comfortable. I added a piece of jewellery as a headgear for a different look. I hope you all liked this look.Please let me know what you all think of this look?



White Crop Top- Koovs Online

Black maxi Skirt- Koovs Online

When in doubt….. go for the maxi

Maxi skirts have been in fashion since forever….before the minis, the micro-minis…it was maxi all the way. Always have at least one Maxi skirt in your wardrobe…
You can dress up the maxi like I have here.
Brick red maxi skirt teamed up with black crop top.
I completed the look with black heels, a big black handbag and black statement earrings.
You can wear the maxi skirt to a more casual occasion too. Just team it with a strappy top. Complete the look with thong sandals or flats.
For a more boho chic look wear a flowy top over the skirt and accessorize with long chain necklace and lots of bangles/bracelets. You can complete the look with a sling bag and a fedora!
Bottom line – when in doubt…blindly wear the maxi skirt….it shall always work:)
Skirt – Hill Road, Bandra
Crop Top – Gift
Handbag – Accessorize, India
Heels – www. koovs.com
Earrings – Forever 21, India

Back with a vengeance

“Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy”….. Kimora Lee

Hello friends,



Flared jeans are back with a bang.  I love this seventies fashion so much. It is so elegant and stylish.

So I wore a pair of flared jeans with an off- shoulder top. I completed the look with a brown belt, brown clutch and brown pumps.

I love this look. It makes me feel so confident and powerful.

Hope you all like it too.

What do y’all do to power dress?


Off- shoulder top- Bandra, India

Flared jeans- Koovs

Pumps- Zara, India

Clutch- is a gift


Midi all the way

“Don’t dress to impress, just be the best unlike the rest”…..Ozzie Ooh

Midi dresses are so much in vogue these days! I personally love this trend. This is not a new trend. It is an old trend that has come back.

Midi dresses can be worn anywhere and everywhere whether its a night out, lunch with your girls or even at the workplace.


I wore this at night so I paired it with black platform heels and a black fringe bucket bag.

I wore bright red lipstick to add some colour to this look.

Hope y’all like this look of mine.




Midi dress- Zara, Bombay, India

Bucket bag- Charles and keith

Platform heels- Bandra, India

Simply Chic


“Stick to the basics, hold on to your family and friends- they will never go out of fashion”…..Niki Taylor

Hello Everyone!!!!!



Hope you’ll had an awesome weekend. This time I was going out for a casual dinner. I chose to wear the most comfortable, basic yet classy clothes, which one can never go wrong with. So I wore one of my favourite pair of denims and a basic black singlet. To add a bit of colour to the outfit I wore pink beaded hoops and pink platform heels. I kept the look very mellow.


Hope you all liked the look.



Denims- Jealous 21

Black singlet- Colaba Causeway

Pink Platform heels- Clarks

Black, white and red

“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts”….. Marcus Aurelius


Hi my beautiful friends,

So I wore this on a date night. Its so stylish, chic and sexy.

It made me look and feel so good.

To add colour to the black and white outfit, I wore red shoes. I wore bright red lipstick matching with my shoes.

This time I chose not to wear heels, so I felt so comfortable.

This outfit is extremely simple and sexy.

What do you all wear on a date night?










Watermelon and fetacheese salad

“I really regret eating healthy today” – said no one ever.


So this time I decided to toss up some yummy watermelon and feta cheese salad. It is super easy and super yummy.

All you need is to mix watermelon , some feta cheese and garnish it with basil leaves.

Healthy living is extremely important.

What do y’all do for a healthy living?????



Mix for Kicks

“Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit”….. Jawaharlal Nehru

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’ ll are having a wonderful week so far.




So this time I decided to wear this maxi dress for a night out. I wanted to dress it up with  stilettos but then I had a knee ache so I decided to go with flats. I didn’t want to dress, how I commonly do, so I decided to make my look a  bit mixed that is indo western by wearing a traditional type of Rajasthani footwear called jhootis  and  a traditonal Indian gold bangle called kadaa in my hand. To add some more Indian quotient to this outfit you’ll can add a bindi on the forehead as well, which I chose not to wear. Hope you’ll like the look.

Please let me know what y’all think of this look.



Grey Maxi Dress- Chemistry, Bandra, Bombay, India

Gold Jhootis- Colaba Causeway