Is this a hobby?????

Hi my lovessss!!!!

So what hobby am I talking about here?…. Any guesses!!!!!


Its me attending engagements, weddings and dressing up in beautiful different attires.

So last whole month I’ve been attending so many weddings and other functions included in the weddings like haldi, mehndi, dandiya, pooja etc.

I’m going to show y’all what all I wore?

Hope y’all like my outfits.

I have designed each one of them myself.

Mandap Mahurat: So this is the Pooja in order to begin the wedding festivities.

I wore this lehenga saree with jhumiks by Ritika Sachdeva and kolhapuri chappals from street shopping at Hill Road, Bandra, India.


Haldi- This is the day when the bride and groom seperately by their respectively families are smeared with turmeric and besan paste all over their bodies.

I wore a simple halter neck kurta with pants and this awesome earrings I bought at the Lil Flea. And put over a heavily embroidered black duppatta to make the outfit stand out.


Mehndi- This function is specifically for putting henna on the bride’s hand and feet. Other family members and friends also put henna on their hands.

P.S.- I personally hate the smell of henna.

I wore this crop top and skirt with a beautiful piece of head jewellery.



Engagement- I wore this indowestern skirt and black croptop for the engagement. the Skirt is made by me. The croptop is from And this beautiful earrings are by the_hypeofficial.


Pheras- I wore this lehenga choli during the ‘Pheras’ i.e. when the actual wedding rituals take place.


Reception- I wore this beautiful hand embroided saree at the reception i.e. the function when the bride and groom are congratulated by the family and friends on their marriage.

IMG_20170429_204706 (1)

It was a month full of happiness and fun.