Black and Beige

Hi my beautiful friends!!!!! It’s been a long time.


I have alwaysssssss loved body hugging dresses. They make you look so confident and sexy.

I have always been a fan of body hugging dresses. This dress from forever 21 is one of my favourite buy. Every time I wear it I feel so powerful and confident.


I was a bit skeptical to buy this beige shade but I realised that it makes the dress look even more sexier.

I paired it with black stilettos and  my favourite black bucket bag with tassels. I have DIYed the black stilettos to tie ups.

This dress can also be worn in the day  with a coloured bag and thong sandals or sneakers even.

PS- I love sneakers. They are life.

I wore a maroon lipstick from MAC to complete my look.

Hope y’all like this badass look. Cause I love it. It’s so me.




Dress- Forever 21, Phoenix Market City Kurla, Bombay, India

Bag- Charles and Keith, Palladium, Bombay, India




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