Mix n match

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”….. Karl Lagerfield

Hello friends!!!!!


There is a chill in the Mumbai air and I love it.

So I have put together this outfit which can look extremely stylish and yet save you from the cold.

I wore this white dress and put on a long blue cover up on it. To make it look stylish I added a tan belt with tan pumps.

Do y’all like it?

What are your winter hacks?



Dress- Zara, India

Cover up/ jacket- Forever 21, Newyork

Independence day

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”


Independence day !!!!!

I wore this gorgeous orange skirt and white crop top for an Independence day lunch at my relative’s house. To add green to my outfit, I wore green earrings.

My family loves celebrating Independence day.

But it’s not just about celebrating. We try to do as much for our nation, small things like not littering or even paying our taxes regularly.

We all should do it too.

Make our nation, what our freedom fighters expected it to be.

Mera Bhaarat Maahaan!!!!!




Crop top- koovs.com

Skirt- Hill Road, Bandra, India




Home Remedies for Dark Circles

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”….. Margeret Hungerford

Hello People!!!!!

Dark Circles are a major issue faced by people of any age or gender due to a variety of causes. I am laying down five home remedies that will surely help you’ll reduce dark circles.

What are dark circles?

Dark Circles is the appearance of  dark skin between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

Causes of dark circles.

It is commonly believed that dark circles are caused to due to lack of sleep and fatigue, but this is not the only reason,  dark  circles are caused due to varied other reasons like sun exposure, dehydration, lack of exercise, improper nutrition and hormonal changes.

Five home remedies to cure dark circles.

1. Rosewater: Rosewater has beauty enhancing properties. It helps lighten dark  circles and dark patches and helps the skin glow. You can apply rosewater around your eyes with the help of cotton and wash it off in 10 minutes.

2. Cucumber Slice: Cucumber works as an astringent and has skin lightening agents.You can cut the cucumber into slices and keep them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes.

3. Lemon juice: Lemon juice  has vitamin C which is a very effective bleaching agent. Therefore lemon juice is very helpful in lightening dark circles under the eyes. You can apply lemon juice  under your eyes with the help of cotton and wash it off in 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Raw potato slice:Potato consists of natural bleaching agents which help to lighten the skin under the eye and reduce puffiness. You can cut the potato into slices and place chilled slices of potato on your closed eyes for 10 minutes.

5. Almond oil: Almond oil being rich in vitamins nourishes and lightens the skin. Since the skin around the eyes is extremely thin it is advisable to use almond oil rather than chemical products. You can apply almond oil around your eyes with the help of cotton and wash it off in 10 minutes.

Hope this helps.




“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.” …..Elbert Hubbard

Good afternoon to all you beautiful people!!!!!


So as you all can see my love for maxi skirts continues.

Maxi skirts are here to stay.


So this time, I paired a black maxi skirt with a red and black crop top. I was on vacation so wanted to be comfortable yet look stylish.

Slits add such a feminine touch to any outfit. Slits look so stylish as well, whether they are on a gown or a skirt.

With this outfit I carried my black tassel bucket bag. This bag is the perfect bag. It can be carried in the day or even at night. And it can carry any and everything you need. Plus tassels are all over the place now whether its a dress, bag or even shoes.

Hope you all have like this simple yet stylish look of mine.

What do you all dress like on vacation?




Black maxi skirt- koovs.com

Red and Black crop top- Linking Road, Bandra

Black tassel bucket bag- Charles and Keith







The Skirt Affair

“Were I a cloud I’d gather my skirts up in the air and fly well know wither, and rest I will know where”….. Robert Bridges


Hello Everyone!!!!!

Hope you’ll are having a great long weekend…..

I just wanted to share a few images of my favourite maxi skirt with you all. This look is extremely comfortable yet stylish. This skirt can be dressed up with a crop top and high heels or even dressed down for a more casual look with a tank top and flip flops.


I chose to wear this skirt for a dinner party and so I dressed it up. To add some colour to the outfit I chose to carry a bright orange satchel and wore a  gold wide bangle. I felt my look was so relaxed yet edgy and feminine. What do you all think about this look:)?



Black crop top- Koovs online

Maxi skirt- Forever New, Bombay, India

Orange Satchel- is a gift

Gold wide bangle- local shop in Colaba, Mumbai